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Where's Teresa Butler?

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Miscellaneous Photos
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Vigil for Teresa Butler
This table was at the front of the sanctuary of the church.

Teresa's family
You can see most of Teresa's immediate family in this picture.

Teresa's sister, Brenda.
Brenda did most of the organizing of the vigil and she also made a very moving speech.

Candlelight service.
A beautiful song played during the lighting of the candles. You can see Teresa's husband in middle.

36 pink balloons
Brenda and the children in Teresa's family released 36 pink balloons in honor of her 36th bday.

Full Circle
Full Circle donated their time to come perform. They did an awesome job. Thanks guys.

Dale Butler and the boys. Photo courtesy of DDD.
This is a picture of Dale Butler and the boys taken at an identification rally in Malden.

Photo courtesy of Jackie Harder.
Teresa's niece wearing a Hope for Teresa t-shirt at the fundraiser for the Outback Riders.

Photo courtesy of the Daily American Republic
Teresa's parents find comfort spending time with Teresa's sons.

These pictures came from an article in the Monday, April 10, 2006, edition of the Daily American Republic in Poplar Bluff, MO.  The article is entitled The Trail's Getting Colder.


Above caption reads-- Carl Rose and Curtis Campbell (behind) with the Outback Riders Search and Rescue team check ditches.


Above caption reads--Volunteers with the Outback Riders Search and Rescue Team have searched for Teresa Butler every weekend since she disappeared on Jan. 25.  Pictures is Curtis Campbell of Vanduser.


Above caption reads---Jim Duck searches the ditches and culverts near Teresa Butler's home on County Road 241, just west of Risco.  Every weekend since Butler went missing, Duck and his team of volunteers, the Outback Riders, have dedicated hours to the search.


Above caption reads---Paula Pearson recalls looking for turtles in this drainage ditch as a child.  Today, she is searching for a missing woman, Teresa Butler.


Above caption reads---Shirley Thomas of Campbell searches the ditches, hoping to find some trace of Teresa Butler.  There were several items taken from Butler's home the night she disappeared including her purse, cell phone, camcorder and camera.  So far, none of those items have been recovered.

Someone somewhere knows something. 
If you do, please call Sheriff Terry Stevens at 573-748-2516.