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Where's Teresa Butler?

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Teresa's Photos

Below are some pictures of Teresa and Me and some pictures of Teresa alone.
I have added several new snapshots that I got from Teresa's sister, Brenda.  I do not know when they were taken because the pictures were not dated.  Teresa is smiling in all of them, though, and that is what I want people to see--her sweet smiling face.

Teresa and Dale
Not sure of the date but I love this picture.


Oh, sweet youth.
The first picture is Teresa's senior picture.
Picture 2 is Teresa and her escort at the senior prom.
Picture 3 is Me, my husband, and Teresa.  We were kind of like the Three Stooges back then. 

Teresa is 35 years old today.



Teresa is 5 ft. 7 in. tall and weighs approximately 110 pounds.  She is very thin with a full round face.  She has dark brown/black hair and brown eyes.  She has her ears pierced. 


Amy and Teresa

This is me and Teresa on Graduation Day and also at my wedding in May of 1989.  Teresa was my maid of honor. 

Not sure when this was made. The picture was not dated.

Teresa loves animals.
Here she is with one of her dogs.


The Three Stooges Back Together

This is my husband, Teresa and me at mine and Teresa's 10 yr. reunion in 1999.

Happy Mom to Be.
Teresa absolutely glowed during pregnancy.

Teresa and her son.
Teresa is a wonderful mother. They both look so happy in this picture.

Teresa Butler
Not sure of the date on this picture but it has become one of my favorites of her.

All dressed up.
Teresa must have been ready to go somewhere special.

Sweet smiling Teresa.
I love this picture of Teresa. You can tell by looking at this picture that she is an angel.


Someone somewhere knows something. 
If you do, please call Sheriff Terry Stevens at 573-748-2516.